Benefits > Flipdock Meeting Room System for Content Sharing and Video Conferencing


Flipdock packs an endless array of carefully designed features that boost productivity in the meeting room, improve communicatino and video conferencing, and take collaboration and content sharing to the next level

Skype enable any meeting space
with one simple solution

Flipdock is an easy-to-install and easy-to-setup system which ensures same-day enablement of video conferencing and content collaboration for your meeting spaces regardless of type, size, or setup. If you have a TV or display, all you need is 10 minutes to setup a Flipdock system. Connect all components with the included cables to the Flipdock box and to your TV, enter your Skype and Exchange information and you're good to go.

Private and
home offices

Use Flipdock as a dedicated executive room video conferencing system and a single interface to see your calendar, join meeting, and present content

Huddle rooms and
open spaces

Equip your huddle room with the ultimate conferencing, content sharing and collaboration solution with Flipdock to enjoy the best meeting experience

Small and midsize
meeting rooms

With support for dual displays and dual touch controllers, enable better group collaboration with equal control experience to join meetings, sketch ideas, and present content


Create a telepresence experience at a fraction of the cost! Flipdock, large displays and a touch controller for each exeutive on the table is all you need for your skype board room

10X collaboration!

Flipdock allows multiple ways to share and collaborate on content either from your own devices or through Flipdock. Based on user preferences, they can bring their laptop to the meeting room and connect to the meeting room display with HDMI, or they can preload files and documents to a USB stick and share it right from Flipdock. This makes it easier for everyone to brainstorm ideas and do things that matter in the meeting room.


With Flipdock,
content really is king

Flipdock is purpose-built for content sharing and collaboration with support for file sharing from USB storage devices, whiteboard with save and send, screen sharing over HDMI input, as well as screen mirroring with Intel UNITE from mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

No clutter, drilling holes, or installation techs required

The Flipdock box is proudly powered by an Intel vPro processor with Intel Unite, its tiny 4in x 4in form factor allows you to conveniently mount and hide Flipdock behind your TV or place it right on your meeting room table. Flipdock redefines plug-and-play setup and can be easily installed by your in-house IT and configured to connect to your Exchange and Skype for Business environments in minutes. With Flipdock, you do not need specialized AV technicians to install your meeting room video conferencing system.

You don't need new cameras, speakers, and other meeting room devices - your current AV peripherals will work with Flipdock!

Flipdock supports a wide range of meeting room USB video conferencing peripherals including TVs, cameras, and speaker sets. Supported devices include a myriad of brands, virtually every Skype for Business certified USB device is supported by Flipdock. Based on your conference room size, you can use a Front-of-Room camera for small rooms, PTZ or Panoramic Cameras for mid-size and large rooms. You can also connect multiple cameras and switch between them.

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