4 Ways FlipDock Collaboration System Increases Productivity

4 Ways FlipDock Collaboration System Increases Productivity

By Sebastian M. August 08, 2018

Skype for Business meeting room systems are currently in high demand because they easily and natively connect to an organization’s deployment of Skype for Business and deliver high-end multiparty video conferencing experience for end users. Cequens is one of the earliest pioneers of Skype meeting rooms solutions and based on our market leadership and expertise we share with you how our FlipDock Skype for Business Conferencing system can increase your team productivity.

Easy to Use, One-Click Meeting Join Experience

The goal of Skype room systems is to enable users to easily and quickly join or start Skype meetings. At Cequens, we keep in mind the importance of delivering a user experience that is consistent with Skype for Business, but at the same time built for a conference/meeting room environment. Our FlipDock home interface on the touchscreen emphasizes the meeting room’s Calendar displaying three meetings at time (previous, current, and next meeting). Users can easily identify their Skype for Business meeting and join it with a one tap on the touchscreen. This allows for a seamless One-Click Meeting Join experience that makes users focus more on their meetings rather than spending time trying to figure out how to join a meeting or dial a contact.

Full and Native Skype for Business User Experience

FlipDock Skype Room Solution is purpose-built from the ground up on the Skype for Business platform. This means 100% native support and full connectivity with any Skype for Business deployment be it on-premise, Skype for Business online (Office 365), or Hybrid. Not only does this contribute to ease of deployment and roll-out for administrators but it also delivers a similar, relevant user experience that has been carefully designed with the end user in mind. This user experience reserves the same features that users are accustomed to on their Skype for Business desktop clients. As a result, it maintains a consistent and productive experience when they spend time communicating and collaborating in the conference room.

Multiple, Effortless ways to Share and Collaborate on Content

Content sharing and collaboration were a primary consideration when we designed our FlipDock System, and we added three different ways to share content into a Skype meeting or an in-room meeting. The first way is to connect your laptop to FlipDock with the supplied HDMI cable. This is an excellent use case for users who want to quickly share something from their laptop. Another way is to load a USB Flash Storage Device with your documents and plug it into the device. The built-in file explorer will allow you to open and toggle between files seamlessly. The last way is to use the Wireless Content Sharing capability of Cequens FlipDock system and mirror the screen of your mobile device (Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac OS, or Android) to the FlipDock screen and present content very easily without any cables or USB flash drives. Additionally, FlipDock enables you to use a whiteboard to sketch ideas on an open white canvas or a browser to browse websites and annotate on web pages as well. You can use those content sharing inputs while you are in the meeting room having an internal meeting with your team, or when you are on a Skype conference call with external participants.

Support for Instant/Impromptu Meetings, Contacts Directory, and Enterprise Voice

While for most of the time meetings are pre-scheduled, there are often times when in-room meetings are transformed to Skype meetings on the spot, or when someone reserves the room to place a phone call with a partner or customer or to interview a candidate. Long story short, there are several use cases and scenarios for communication and collaboration in the conference room that do not have to start with a Skype Calendar Meeting. FlipDock supports impromptu meetings with Meet People. The Meet People feature allows you to browse the Skype contact directory to start a conference call with other Skype users and allows you to easily invite participants to a video conference call and share content with them. Alternatively, you can use the Search Bar functionality to search for a contact or dial a phone number if you already have Enterprise Voice enabled for your Skype for Business deployment. Having those use cases and scenarios with the ability to have One-Click Skype meetings makes FlipDock the ultimate productivity booster for today’s connected teams.

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