Flipdock improves the Skype for Business experience in meeting rooms

Flipdock improves the Skype for Business experience in meeting rooms

By Flipdock Editorial Team March 05, 2019

Flipdock is the most recent addition to the unified communications market. After several previous versions and offering multiple video conferencing systems in meeting rooms around the world, Flipdock is the culmination of years of experience and attention to what is really needed in the meeting room. It combines features that serve all the needs of the meeting room; productivity, communication and collaboration.



Online meetings usually last thirty minutes to an hour, so you wouldn’t want to waste any time joining a call or fumbling around with video conferencing equipment. With Flipdock you can book your meeting on Outlook to reserve the room, then join it with one tap of the calendar once you are ready to start your meeting. You can attach a file as an email attachment to have it available in the meeting or add anyone from your Skype for business company directory to have them join on the fly. Learn more about Flipdock's productivity features.



Flipdock uses the Skype for Business platform to enable audio and video conferencing in your meeting room, so you’ll get the familiar Skype for business experience. On top of that, you have many features that improve communication in your meeting rooms.

Joining a scheduled meeting with one tap from the meeting room touch controller is pretty standard, what’s even better is being able to start an unscheduled or impromptu meeting, simply pull up the company directory, enter a name, find the contact, and dial their Skype for Business account so they can join you from their computer. You can also add multiple people with audio and video and start a conference call. As with the standard Skype for Business, you’re used to, you can add or remove participants, mute participants, turn video off for one or more participants.

If someone you want isn’t available on Skype for Business, you can easily add them to the meeting by dialing their phone number (landline or mobile).

Depending on whether you have single or dual displays, during your active Skype for Business meeting, you can easily toggle between different meeting layouts including Gallery, Speaker, Content, or Picture-in-Picture mode. Learn more about Flipdock's communication features.



This is where Flipdock shines with seamless integration between collaboration and communication features. With a a rich list of features that can be used for collaboration in offline and online meetings, Flipdock allows you to share and open content simultaneously and flip between them as needed.

Sharing your laptop screen was never easier, simply connect your laptop to Flipdock with an HDMI cable, and instantly start sharing or mirroring your screen. Don’t feel like dragging your laptop to the meeting room? No problem. You can share a file from a USB flash drive or an attachment from the meeting calendar invite, wirelessly from your phone using Intel Unite, open a file from Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, or even from a shared folder on your network. Opening and sharing virtually any type of file is great, but annotating is even better. With any shared content, you can start scribbling your comments as annotations that can be saved to a USB drive or sent to all meeting participants after your meeting.

Annotations don’t only work on shared files with Flipdock, you can also annotate live websites!

Don’t have a file to share? Flipdock also allows you to sketch ideas on a whiteboard, so you can start your brainstorming session and collaborate with everyone. Learn more about Flipdock's collaboration features.



Any of these features can be opened simultaneously and flipped between them using the flipper. Your content will run in the background as you open other content stream and will be presented on the flippers screen for you to re-open at the tap of a button. Very much like the windows Alt + Tab feature, Flipdock’s flipper allows you to instantly switch between different content streams and/or video.


Tabletop Controller

Flipdock is controlled from the comfort of your meeting room chair using the provided center-of-room touch controller. This 10-inch screen hosts all control options and buttons for your video conferencing equipment, leaving your meeting room display free to display participant’s video stream as well as the content you are presenting.


All these features can be found in the market, but no solution packs all of them into one compact device that fits snuggly behind your meeting room display or table. And with an affordable price tag, you get more value for money than all of the leading video conferencing equipment providers.


Ready for a test drive? Contact us to learn more or request a quote.




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