How to Increase User Adoption of Skype Room Systems

How to Increase User Adoption of Skype Room Systems

By August 01, 2018

Organizations make investments in Skype for Business to increase employee productivity, offer easier means of communications, and consolidate communication and collaboration platforms in one meaningful solution. Investments are not only made in the Skype for Business platform technology, there are other tools and devices that are associated with Skype for Business. Companies that see high user adoption of Skype for Business also invest in Skype for Business desk phones, headsets, HD webcams, and other Skype for Business meeting room devices.

Many end users are now power users of Skype for Business on their PCs, laptops, mobile devices in the office or at home but is this the same story with your Skype Room System?

Here are few things your end users need to know to increase their usage and adoption of Skype for Business room devices.

  1.  Skype Room Systems are simple and easy to use

One of the things that keeps people away from traditional video conferencing systems and telepresence rooms is their complexity and difficulty in their usage and learning. Skype Room Systems were built to solve this problem by offering a one-click-join meeting experience. Users can easily schedule meetings, search the room contacts directory, and add users to meetings very easily. This has simplified the video conferencing experience for end users and consequently helped them adopt the Skype for Business meeting room solution.

2.  Skype Room Systems are an extension of your desktop skype client built for the meeting room

It is key to let your users know that Skype Room Systems are an effort of the organization to consolidate and unify their communications experience. Skype for Business has different forms of applications and each is designed and built for its intended use, be it a desktop client or mobile app, and Skype Room Systems are no different. Letting your end users know the advantages in deploying these rooms will help them realize how they can use them in their own daily communications routine at work.

3.  Better quality hardware and devices for a better video conferencing experience

If you have a Skype for Business online meeting and the workspace around you is a little crowded or noisy, why not do it in a Skype-enabled conference room? A Skype Room System offers a better, private meeting environment and allows you to enjoy HD conference cameras, microphones, and speakers coupled with a Skype meeting user experience that reserves the features you use and love on your Skype desktop application. Meeting room hardware and video conferencing peripherals offer a streamlined experience and are key factors in increasing user adoption of Skype Room Systems.

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