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Collaboration features

Flipdock was designed from the ground up with collaboration as the cornerstone of user experience in the meeting room

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Connect a laptop with HDMI and instantly share or mirror your screen

The HDMI cable is still a common way to share a laptop screen in a meeting room. Say no to users’ issues trying to find the right cable and ensuring it is connected to the TV, Flipdock makes this a lot simpler. Just connect the green HDMI input cable to your laptop and tap “Present” and you are good to go!

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Sketch ideas and collaborate in real-time on the included online whiteboard

Let ideas flow and brainstorm with your team with Flipdock’s native and built-in whiteboard. With the tabletop touchscreen controller, use it as your digital whiteboard canvas and start sketching and drawing in different colors, pen types, and shapes. You can use the whiteboard in in-room meetings or share with remote participants via Skype for Business.

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Browse websites, search the internet, AND annotate pages in the meeting room

With the built-in browser, there is no need to connect a laptop or mobile device to share a webpage with your team. Flipdock’s browser enables you to open websites by just typing a web address or searching the web. When your webpage loads, navigate through it with the touchscreen or annotate on

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Open meeting invitation attachments and files and display on screen

With Skype meeting attachments you can attach files to the meeting invite email on Outlook so you can instantly access them when the meeting start. Just click Share Files on the content sharing screen to see a list of files attached on the email and view them simultaneously during your video meetings.

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Wireless content sharing from a smartphone or laptop with Intel Unite

The Intel UNITE solution lets you wirelessly connect your devices to your meeting room display to share and collaborate seamlessly. UNITE powers Flipdock’s content sharing and collaboration platform to help you ditch the cables! And each connected display can support up to four separately shared screens.

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Share files and documents from a USB stick, cloud storage or network drive

Don't like carrying your laptop around? Flipdock has several medium to share take your files into the meeting room. Pre-load your files on a USB or a Cloud drive and click Share Files to access them in-meeting. You can also copy your documents to a shared network folder or attach them to the calendar meeting invite to access them from your tabletop controller .

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Annotate documents and webpages and share with everyone in your meeting

If you want to highlight or point something out on a webpage or file being shared, you can annotate on them by click the pen icon in the bottom right of your tabletop controller an use it similar to using the whiteboard pen. Make your annotations and save them or send them to meeting participants via email.

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Single and dual meeting room TV or display support for an enhanced experience

While a single display in the meeting room can get the job done, a dual-display setup offers the ultimate productivity experience. With dual displays, you can have participant video streams on one display and content displayed on the other. Whether you're in a small or large meeting room, Flipdock has you covered!

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