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Flipdock packs a unique set of features specifically designed to save valuable time and streamline productivity in the meeting room

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Skype for Business company
contact directory

Browse or search Skype contact to make audio and video calls faster with the Skype for Business contact list. Each contact card shows contact name, image, job title, and presence so it makes it easier for you to communicate with those who matter the most.

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One-click to join Skype
for Business meetings

The native integration with Microsoft Exchange Calendar allows for a one-click to join meetings experience, making it super easy and fast for you to join your scheduled meeting from the Calendar on the touchscreen controller.

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Flip between Skype meetings,
apps and content

With Flipdock’s Switcher, skyrocket your productivity during meetings by flipping easily between Skype meetings, apps, and content. Just tap the Switcher icon on the touchscreen and a list of currently running calls or app will show, then tap one to select.

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Start calls from content or
share content during calls

While sharing content in a meeting, you can invite Skype users and take the meeting online. And if you're in a video meeting and want to add content, just tap Content and select a content sharing method. You can start content and videos calls at any point in your experience.

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Save or send whiteboard
and annotations

When you're done collaborating on the whiteboard you can save and send a screenshot of your creation to others through email. Either save it onto an external USB drive, or send it to participants and others through email to keep your creations alive forever!

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Multiple display support for
extreme collaboration and conferencing

Get more done with more displays! A single display set up is sufficient to hold meetings, share content and collaborate, but dual-display will divide content on one screen and participant videos on the other. Control everything on your tabletop controller even switching which screen displays what content.

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