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We understand that one communication platform is not always enough, so Flipdock was designed to support multiple UC vendors. Starting with Skype for Business, adding Microsoft Teams and Zoom with more coming in the future, Flipdock aims to cover the whole market and ultimately everyone's meeting room needs.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft's newest collaboration platform, includes all of its predecessors functionality and ads on top of it a long list of collaboration features that meet the growing needs of the modern workplace. Flipdock supports video and audio calls, booking and joining meetings, file sharing, and screen sharing capabilities using Microsoft Teams' platform. On top of the enhanced versions of the basic collaboration features, using Microsoft Teams, Flipdock will support Teams live events which can hold up to 10,000 attendees, interoperability between Teams and Skype for Business, Pexip, BlueJeans and Polycom, transcription, cloud recording and logging for ultimate control and oversight over your company's meetings.

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Skype for Business APIs

Meeting scheduling, room booking, and online meetings has become an integral part of the way today’s workforce work and connect every day. Microsoft Exchange which is the underlying engine behind Microsoft Outlook works behind the scenes to make things operate smoothly for its users. The Calendar is a very important app for the modern worker, and it is of no less importance to meeting room systems. Flipdock natively integrates with Exchange Web Service (EWS) to enable a seamless meeting scheduling and meeting join experience. The Calendar on Flipdock is always on the home screen and with one-tap to join you can instantly start your online Skype meeting. The Calendar on Flipdock shows three meetings. A previous meeting, current meeting, and next meeting. Each meeting is represented by a meeting card that shows the meeting organizer, time, and subject.

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Zoom has been gaining a lot of traction over the past few years especially among small businesses and companies which conduct meetings primarily on the desktop. Due to its user-friendly experience and the ability for anyone to join meetings through a shared link, jumping into a meeting is quick and easy. Flipdock will offer a similar experience via the touch controller that Zoom Room users are familiar with. Log in with your Zoom credentials to start and join meetings and use many of Zooms features from the familiar Flipdock experience.

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Intel Unite® solution, is a wireless content sharing solution optimized for an Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based hub that enables meeting room attendees and users to wirelessly connect their devices to the meeting room display. The Intel Unite® solution is simple to deploy and manage, works with existing infrastructure, and can be set up in any meeting room, huddle space, or impromptu collaboration area. Intel Unite® solution lets you easily enjoy a secure content sharing and collaboration experience for your organization so your team can share and collaborate seamlessly, wherever they are.Flipdock runs on an Intel vPro-enabled mini PC that works as an Intel UNITE hub. UNITE is tightly integrated within Flipdock and users can instantly connect their devices to the Flipdock box (UNITE Hub) in a matter of seconds. Intel UNITE supports laptops, and mobile devices and users will just need to install a one-time client installation on their personal device to be able to use UNITE to mirror their screens to the meeting room display through Flipdock.

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Flipdock collaboration platform

Flipdock puts great emphasis on content sharing and collaboration in meeting rooms. Conference and meeting rooms are not just used for audio and video conference calls. There are many times when users meet in an in-room meeting where there are no remote users invited over Skype. Those meetings are for content sharing and they are all about brainstorming, creating ideas, and previewing or editing documents.Therefore, Flipdock has its own Collaboration Platform that powers content sharing, collaboration, and annotations. It offers end users multiple ways to connect devices, share files, and sketch ideas. Users can bring their devices to the meeting room and connect it through the wire or go wireless with wireless screen mirroring. Documents can be shared from Flipdock without having to connect a laptop by using USB flash drive, Cloud drives, or a shared network drive. Lastly, users can sketch ideas on the whiteboard or browse websites and annotate on web pages.

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